Program Committee

Responsible for developing and executing alumni engagement activities. This group will also be responsible for developing and executing membership recruitment and retention strategies. The Young Alumni Council (graduates of the 2000s) will function as a subcommittee of this group. Responsibilities include developing peer engagement activities that align with the committee’s general program.

Student Recruitment and Scholarship Committee

Responsible for managing the chapter’s scholarship funding program and awarding the Vivian Perrimon Scholarship. Additional duties include fundraising, recruiting (college fairs), award recommendations, developing and maintaining award criteria and maintaining program records. Committee will also be responsible for planning a freshman gathering for students entering ECSU in the Fall.

Communications and Marketing Committee

Responsible for all marketing, branding and public relations for the organization to include chapter events, meetings, recruitment, other gatherings and fundraising efforts. Committee will also update the chapter on University news and information from the National Alumni Association.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Membership Committee

This committee will work to recruit, retain and reward financial members of the Chapter. Activities include recruitment drives, active participation at chapter events in efforts to establish a presence and membership support to chapter committees. This group will also be responsible for maintaining communications with members in efforts to keep them engaged and supporting the time, talent and treasure goals of the chapter.

Ways and Means Committee (Fundraising)

This committee will be responsible for developing resources and executing activities to raise funds to support the general operating budget, NAA obligations, local scholarship efforts and university contribution goals. This includes planning signature events, executing annual giving campaigns and other fundraising activities/events.