Who can become a member of the ECSU Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter?

All alumni and friends of Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) are eligible to become a member of the Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter. Additionally, persons attending ECSU for at least one semester and parents or family members of Viking alumni are able to become associate members.

Why should I choose ECSU’s Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter?

Each chapter of Elizabeth City State University National Alumni Association (NAA) has specific goals to support the University through various mechanisms, as well as providing a source of engagement for Viking alumni to continue their support of one another. However, the Atlanta Metro Chapter will offer additional programming, committees, networking opportunities  and events that are specific to local engagement. As a member of the Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter, you become a part of one of the largest chapters of the ECSU NAA and can leverage your time and voice on goals and objectives of the association.

What are the benefits of membership?

Benefits of membership include discounts to signature Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter events; discounts on products offered by the Chapter; discounts provided by local business partners in the network; the ability to advertise your business at no cost online through our website; camaraderie with other Viking  alumni; and an organized avenue to support the University. Membership dues are also tax deductible.

How much are membership dues?
There are two options for membership dues: local (Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter) and national (ECSU National Alumni Association-NAA). We encourage individuals to become members of both the local and national groups.

Local Chapter Membership

Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter Membership dues for ECSU graduates is $70. However, there is a sliding scale option for graduates from the 2000s ($0-$35 for the 1st few years). Associate Membership Dues (friends, family) is $50.


National Alumni Association Membership
National Alumni Association (NAA) Membership dues are $50. Life memberships are $750 for individuals and $1250 for couples. A payment plan starting at $100 is available for life or partial life memberships.
What is required of me if I become a member?

We encourage every ECSU graduate and supporters of the university living in Metro Atlanta to become active and participate in as many events as possible. However, we understand the demands that each individual has. Membership only requires payment of dues, and we encourage everyone to sign up to be active on at least one committee.

Are membership dues tax deductible?

Yes. Please retain receipts for your records.

How can I become more involved as a member?

There are several different opportunities to participate in activities offered by the chapter. Committees include Programs, Marketing/Communications, Student Recruitment/Scholarship, Ways/Means and Membership. Each committee will continuously seek members to make a commitment to address goals and objectives of their group. Please contact the respective chairs if you are interested in joining a committee.

What is the annual term for financial Chapter membership?

January 1st thru December 31st.

I just graduated. How much are my dues?

National and local dues are waived for new graduates (1st year NAA only and 2 years only local).

How are membership dues utilized by the Chapter?

Membership dues are used in various ways. This can include operational and administrative support; NAA chapter assessment and campaign obligations; fundraising activities to generate scholarship dollars locally;  requests from current ECSU Atlanta Metro students facing a financial crisis; and member events/activities.

When and where are general body meetings usually held?

Meetings will be announced via email, the Atlanta Metro website and our social media platforms. On-site meetings will take place at the Auburn Avenue Research Library located in downtown Atlanta (101 Auburn Ave NE).  For Phone/Video conference meetings, we will use Zoom (website and app platform).